Packaging and Labeling

Systems for adhesive application in cardboard packing, packaging and labeling processes. We offer gluing solutions for all packaging processes used in the food, beverage and packaged goods industry.

Graphic Arts

Systems for hot-melt adhesive application in the graphic arts industry, such as bookbinding, manufacturing corrugated cardboard packaging and product cases and manufacturing envelopes, bags and sacks.

Construction Industry

Systems for adhesive application in the extensive construction market, such as in windows, insulation, doors, laminates, etc.

Automotive Industry

We apply adhesives for vehicle assembly and the manufacture of components, upholstery, interior elements and insulation.

Wood & Furniture Applications

Systems for adhesive application in wood and furniture manufacturing.

Textiles & Mattresses

Complete solutions for adhesive application to any textile medium, whether for instant sticking or subsequent reactivation by the user.


There is a wide range of gluing applications in product assembly, for example in the footwear, cosmetics and electronics industries.

Sanitary Products

Systems for adhesive application in disposable products such as nappies, sanitary and hygiene products and a whole range of domestic materials.