Product Assembly Applications

Meler Hot Melt Gluing Systems

Meler are the first choice for gluing applications in product assembly. For example in the footwear, cosmetics and electronics industries.

The dispensing of hot-melt adhesives for product assembly allows Focke Meler application systems to be part of the production of many pieces with different materials and complexities. These include applications in:

  • Footwear
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Domestic appliance manufacturing
  • Picture frame assembly
  • Cables and cabling industry

For this purpose we have an extensive portfolio of products such as coating rollers, coating heads and the Macro Series of melters. Focke Meler’s broad experience in this field provides confidence and security in all applications with the lowest possible cost for every solution.

How Does A Meler
Gluing System Work?

The video to the right is an overview of the system functionality of a Meler gluing system and the various components that make up a system to deliver hot or cold melt glues to product.