Automotive Gluing Applications

Meler Hot Melt Gluing Systems

Meler systems are the first choice for gluing and the manufacture of components, upholstery, interior elements and insulation.

The automotive industry is becoming increasingly competitive and demanding; development cycles are shorter and quality demands are higher, which is why it is so important to choose a good supplier like Focke Meler, which provides safety, innovation and quality.

Focke Meler offers the best solutions for adhesive coating and bonding on various parts of the vehicle, such as ceilings, interior carpets, batteries, filters, mirrors, registration plates, seats, headlamps, bodywork and sound and thermal insulation.

The use of specific adhesives (polyamides, reactive polyurethanes, etc.) require higher quality and durability standards than normal. For this purpose we have very easy-to-use melting equipment with very low energy consumption, continuous and intermittent coating heads, and coating rollers with a coating width ranging from 350 to 1050 mm which can be adapted to any kind of material.

In what Products are Adhesive Used?

  • Dashboard trim
  • Substrates to be glued: ABS-PC/ ABS-PC

Type of Adhesive Used

  • Reactive polyurethane adhesive. 130 ºC 22000 mPas approx.

System Components

  • A pair of 20 kg drum unloaders.
  • Three heated hoses with diameter 13 and different lengths.
  • A heated distributor
  • Focke Meler applicators with a zero-cavity module

Mechanical Requirements

  • System suitable for customers that can never stop their lines due to production requirements.
  • Ideal system for intermittent or continuous applications.

Advantages of Focke Meler

  • Focke Meler technology is designed and manufactured in-house. Made in the EU
  • The highest quality and best performance at competitive prices
  • We adapt to the specific needs of each application
  • Equipment and spare parts sent the following day
  • Technical and after-sales service
  • International operations with worldwide distribution
  • Global technical support direct from the head office, subsidiaries and partners

How Does A Meler
Gluing System Work?

The video to the right is an overview of the system functionality of a Meler gluing system and the various components that make up a system to deliver hot or cold melt glues to product.