Wood & Furniture Applications

Meler Hot Melt Gluing Systems

Meler systems are the first choice for adhesive application in wood and furniture manufacturing.

Over the last few years the wood and furniture market has seen spectacular growth in the use of hot-melt adhesives, particularly reactive polyurethane (PUR) glues.

Focke Meler has adapted its design to this large market of applications, including:

  • Board lamination
  • Worktop sealing
  • Edge lamination
  • Moulding coating
  • Postforming applications
  • Textile gluing and bonding

Focke Meler technology offers solutions for all these difficult processes through a wide range of specific products, such as the edging head, coating head, Micron 35 gear, Micron PUR LC or the B4 Non-Stop melter.

How Does A Meler
Gluing System Work?

The video to the right is an overview of the system functionality of a Meler gluing system and the various components that make up a system to deliver hot or cold melt glues to product.