Sanitary Product Applications

Meler Hot Melt Gluing Systems

Meler are the first choice for adhesive application in disposable products such as nappies, sanitary and hygiene products and a whole range of domestic materials.

Focke Meler, which is constantly developing new products, makes specific systems for adhesive application in the non-woven market.

The many existing applications include manufacturing nappies for babies, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence items as well as other medical-surgical industries.

Focke Meler’s wide range of application systems provides the right solutions for each application with:

  • Melting equipment that is very easy to use and maintain
  • Adaptable, compatible hoses, available in various sizes
  • Maximum energy efficiency across our entire product portfolio

How Does A Meler
Gluing System Work?

The video to the right is an overview of the system functionality of a Meler gluing system and the various components that make up a system to deliver hot or cold melt glues to product.