‘Plug And Glue’

The B4 has been built specifically to suit manual and “low cost” automatic applications. The unit will melt adhesive at a maximum rate of 6kg per hour.

Two Pump Styles

The gear pump version has a maximum pumping rate of 6kg per hour and a pressure relief valve to ensure a smooth delivery of the adhesive. The relief valve is easily adjusted from the outside of the melter. The piston pump version has a maximum pumping rate of 65kg per hour. The pressure regulator and gauge are also accessible from the outside of the melter allowing for easy adjustment.

Electronic Control Unit

The electronic control of the B4 has been developed using the same proven design principles of all the new Meler products. Its simple and reliable operation provides temperature control from 40ºC to 200ºC with an accuracy of ± 0.5ºC.

Hose Connections

The B4 has two hydraulic and electrical hose connections to the rear of the unit. The hydraulic connections are industry standard 9/16 JIC and the electrical connections are available in the compatible form of PT100 or Ni120.


The melting tank of the B4 has a large surface area which gives an optimal melting rate. The tank has a large lid for loading adhesive and has a filter and drain valve for ease of maintenance.

Pump Motor

The B4 gear unit has a stop/start switch for the motor and an external electrical input for automatically starting the pump motor by the main machine.

B4 Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the main characteristics of B4 melters. They have been designed to be compatible with either PT100 or Ni120 temperature sensors and can therefore replace most hot melt equipment in the market.

B4 VS Variant

The VS variant of the B4 is a gear and electronically controlled system with a high degree of accuracy from 40°C to 200°C. Its safety system controls  the breakage of temperature sensors and over excess temperatures, application malfunctions and communication with the main machine.

PUR Versions

We also supply variants that are designed to work with PUR adhesives.


  • Four-litre tank with melting rate of 6 kg/h and 7 cc/stroke pump
  • Single-phase 230 V 50 Hz, max 16 A power supply
  • External temperature OK output signal
  • External stand-by activation input signal

Meler B4 Features

Small melter, no compromises on features

Easy-to-use controls for temperatures
Large tank lid to make charging easier
The both pump – pneumatic unit design ensure the homogenous adhesive pressure without flucuations

Technical Specifications



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