Automatic maintenance of charging level in hot-melt melters

The automatic feeders are accessories designed to be installed on all Meler melters. They provide significant benefits as they ensure a minimum level of adhesive inside the tank, removing the need for manual filling by the user. This results in time savings for the operator and decreases the risk of burn injuries thanks to the automatic filling system. A sensor inside the tank detects low adhesive levels and sends a signal to the suction system to transfer pellet charging to the melter tank. This operation stops when the sensor detects a correct level of adhesive.

No contamination or carbonisation / Adhesive care

Thanks to the automatic charging of adhesive, the unit is fed according to the application needs and a minimum level of melted adhesive is maintained at all times. This completely closed system prevents contamination due to waste and degradation of the adhesive. It also makes charging tasks easier for the user.

Alarm System

The unit generates a light and sound warning to warn of a low level of adhesive, possible failures in the charging or lack of pellets in the container for it to be refilled. The sound warning can be stopped with the corresponding push-button. Once the incident is resolved, the light warning turns off when resetting the unit with the “reset” button.


Can be fitted too all Meler gluing systems, the units can also be fitted to all other manufacturers gluing systems. We supply the feeding system (control, filter, sensors and suction tube) along with an adaptor kit. You can also order a larger capacity 120L container for the gluing unit to extend the time between refills.

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