Designed to Suit any Application

  • The Meler coating roller is used to apply thermoplastic adhesives to PVC and Foam materials.
  • Thanks to the possibility of configuring the coating widths to the meet the needs of the customer, the roller is perfectly suited to each application, helping to optimise production and ensure quality.
  • The application of the adhesive is completely homogeneous and suitable for different grammages.
  • It can operate independently, melting the adhesive from the roller that is used to apply it, or supplying it using one of our external melters.

Solid Design

  • The sturdy steel structure has a robust design that eliminates vibrations.
  • The adhesive application roller is made of tempered steel and its coating is suitable for textiles and non-woven materials.
  • The scrapers are coated with PTFE (Teflon) to facilitate easy cleaning. The scrapers and the pressure roller are pneumatically operated and finely adjustable to suit every application.
  • The work tables can be manual or automatic conveyor tables, with the latter featuring a reverse function.

Cost & Maintenance Savings

  • Coated 100% across the width of the part and a completely uniform application.
  • The elements in contact with the adhesive are lined with PTFE (Teflon) to allow for easier cleaning.
  • The control board includes different programs for automatically heating the equipment and independent controls for each element.
  • Different operating modes: production, parameter setting, cleaning, automatic conveyor table reverse motion, etc.

Adhesive Preservation

  • The tank is lined with PTFE (Teflon) and incorporates an airtight tank lid that keeps the adhesive in optimal working conditions.
  • The external adhesive supply is controlled by a low-level detector.
  • The Meler roller ensures that the adhesive remains in a perfect condition, reducing the risk of carbonisation and system blockages.

Complete Roller Coating System

We can supply you with a complete turn-key system composed of:

  1. Pre-melter
  2. Coating roller
  3. Input table
  4. Output table
  5. Base frame



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    How Does A Meler
    Gluing System Work?

    This video provides an overview of the full system functionality of a Meler gluing system and highlights the parts of each Meler system, from the smallest to the largest, that make up a Meler Hot Melt system to deliver hot melt glues to various product.