It only melts the product you need when you need it. This means that the adhesive is always kept in perfect condition and its consumption is reduced.

The closed system keeps it free from contamination.

Adhesive Care

The automatic adhesive loading system supplies adhesive to the equipment depending on the needs of the application, so only the adhesive to be consumed is melted.

Thanks to the instantaneous melting, the adhesive is kept in excellent condition, preventing carbonisation and nozzle clogging.

Energy Efficiency

Because it uses Melt on Demand technology, it only melts the necessary amount of adhesive, when required, quickly, safely and efficiently; this means that the adhesive always remains in perfect condition, preventing charring and, therefore, clogging of the nozzles, so frequent cleaning of the melting system is not required.

The melting system in the units is heated in a compact block to make maximum use of the electrical energy. Moreover, they are fully insulated to prevent heat loss to the exterior and to the other components of the unit.

Its Melt on Demand technology and use of electrical energy results in significant cost savings.

Simple to Use

With a simple, intuitive control panel, the pumping and loading controls are built into the front panel, making the operator’s job easier.

It reduces the labour costs required to operate the equipment.

Suitable for Polyamide Based Adhesives

It is prepared to respond to applications that require the use of “difficult” adhesives such as polyamide-based ones, which require greater care in their treatment.

Maximum User Safety

The “Cool Touch” casing remains cold throughout the process to ensure maximum safety in the workplace. MOD melters are fitted with a valve which depressurises the adhesive pressure system in case of alarm or the melter being turned off.

It has a pressure-relief valve that limits the pressure generated in the circuit when the pump is running with the hydraulic circuit closed.

Meler MOD Micron Features

Easy-to-use controls for temperatures
Large tank lid to make charging easier
Cool touch external casing
Heated compact block to fully exploit electrical energy
Large capacity pump filter
Fully insulated heating elements
Micron MOD shown fitted with optional auto-feed system

Micron Piston Pump Technical Specifications


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    How Does A Meler
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