Hot Melt & Liquid Glue Adhesive Spare Parts

Automaint Solutions provide a complete range of replacement parts for your Meler hot melt glue systems, including;

Most replacement parts are compatible with Nordson and other hot melt systems such as Valco Melton.

Compatible parts are just as effective, if not more so, than the original manufacturers’ equivalent. Our customer service is available 24/7 and we hold stock for most main components.

We supply new and branded parts and we offer a one year guarantee on our parts so you can feel confident and safe that the parts we supply you are reliable and efficient.

Meler Modules

Modules are used to accurately control the quantity and application rate of the adhesive to suit the particular application.

When it comes to our modules, we only supply the highest quality components. Meler modules are manufactured & tested in Europe to the highest quality standard.

Hot Melt Glue Adhesive Heated Hoses

Intuitive design, high hose flexibility, high energy efficiency, combined with our insulation materials ensures a consistent temperature over the complete hose length.

Meler heated hoses can be supplied with compatible electrical connections to adapt to other manufacturers’ systems such as Nordson and Valco Melton.

Hot Melt & Liquid Glue Adhesive Applicators

Meler air-operated (pneumatic) and electric hot melt applicators deliver precise adhesive application even at high-line speeds. A wide range of adhesive dispensers, guns and valve nozzles ensure adhesive pattern flexibility and will easily integrate into various gluing machinery. Applicators support applying adhesive dots or beads in stitching or solid lines, swirls or spray and continuous or intermittent coatings. Meler hot melt and liquid glue applicators provide clean cutoff and accurate, repeatable material deposition and adhesive pattern development.

Hot Melt & Liquid Glue Adhesive Nozzles

Meler offers a vast range of high quality hot melt bead and spray nozzles to accurately deliver whatever adhesive patterns are required for your application. Hot melt nozzles are easily changeable and provide production flexibility. Our adhesive nozzles are manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship to ensure precise, reliable adhesive delivery and placement.

Meler applicator nozzles are compatible with most manufacturers’ systems such as Nordson and Valco Melton.

Hot Melt & Liquid Glue Adhesive Controllers

Controllers are easy to use devices that specifically control the amount of adhesive dispensed onto the substrate.

Meler hot melt & liquid glue adhesive systems allow for highly flexible and precise application adjustments to help prevent waste, ensure optimal bonding and feature monitoring to quickly detect potential problems with your gluing system. Easily add multiple programs to facilitate operators quickly changing the gluing system to suit line changes.

Genuine 24/7 Service & Support

Our experienced and highly trained service technicians are only a phone call away, day or night, should you require advice, essential spare parts or a technicians on-site assistance with your hot glue equipment.

How Does A Meler
Gluing System Work?

This video provides an overview of the full system functionality of a Meler gluing system and highlights the parts of each Meler system, from the smallest to the largest, that make up a Meler Hot Melt system to deliver hot melt glues to various product.