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Meler has been developing and building hot melt gluing systems for over 30 years and is the world leader in hot melt gluing technology. With reliable performance, a comprehensive range of hot glue melting equipment to suit every application, built-in best in class energy efficiency and every machine is supported and serviced by Automaint Solutions.

Why Choose Meler &

Automaint Solutions?

  • Automaint Solutions are the official Australian & New Zealand agents for Meler Hot Melt Gluing Systems
  • We carry an extensive range of spare parts for Meler systems; heated hoses, guns, modules, nozzles, solenoid valves and more
  • Genuine 24/7 support and service with trained technicians ready to assist you anytime
  • Fully equipped service centre able to get your equipment running quickly in the event of a breakdown
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New Meler Micron+ Series

The Hot Melt Glue System Designed for Industry 4.0

Class-Leading Energy Efficiency for Hot Glue Melting Systems

Remote Communication, Control and Access to Real-Time Data

Leading Digitisation and Interconnectivity to Support Industry 4.0

Full System Remote Control & Industry-Leading Safety for Operators

Meler Hot Melt Glue Product Range

B4 Series

The most cost effective, reliable and robust hot glue melters for manual and small consumption automatic applications.

With a 4 kg tank capacity, up to 2 hose connections, either piston or gear pump options available. The B4 will melt adhesive at a maximum rate of 6 kg per hour.

Micron Series Melter

New cutting edge design and technology has been combined to produce the new Micron range of systems. This impressive tank is up to 60% more energy efficient than its rivals, in addition to improved pump and melt rates. The Micron is also operator and maintenance friendly with options of 5, 10, 20 and 35 litre tanks and up to 6 hose connections across each tank size.

Meler PUR & POR Melters

B4 PUR, B4 Non Stop, Micron PUR – LC and the Non-Stop. This range of PUR hot glue melters when using PUR hot melt adhesive from 2kg blocks to 5kg and 20kg pails. Precise gear pumps and a dry air system prevent curing. With the adhesive being melted in a tank or, in the case of the non stop systems, a reservoir, production does not have to stop to refill.

Melt-on-Demand Series Melters

The new Meler Micron MOD hot glue melters are specially designed to preserve the adhesive in low-medium consumption applications. The main feature of this machine is the “Melt on Demand” system that melts the adhesive only when it is needed, thus eliminating charring problems whilst also significantly reducing power consumption.

Macro Series Melters

Large hot glue melters for high capacity and precise adhesive delivery applications. The Macro Series is available in 50, 100 and 200 litre variants. Up to 2 gear pumps on the Macro 50 and up to 4 gear pumps on the Macro 100 and 200.

Drum & Pail Glue Melters

PS20 and PS200 melters for precise & high volume applications is needed & 20 litre pails or 200 litre drums of PUR adhesive are used. Only the volume of adhesive that is required is melted preventing curing & prolonging the life of the adhesive.

Automatic Feeding System

The Meler automatic feeding system allows the maintaining of a constant level in the glue tank, avoiding the need to manually refill. Every time that the tank sensor detects a low adhesive level a trigger is sent to the suction system which fills the glue tank.

Roller Coaters

Meler has created the Roller Coater series for thermoplastic hot melt adhesives and PUR/POR adhesives. Thanks to its three rolling widths, 350 / 600 / 1050mm, it perfectly fits in all applications.

Genuine 24/7 Service & Support

Automaint Solutions are the Australian & New Zealand official partners for Meler Hot Melt Gluing Systems. Our experienced and highly trained hot melt glue service technicians are only a phone call away, day or night, should you require advice, essential spare parts or a technicians on-site assistance with your hot melt glue equipment.

Hot Melt Glue Applications

Packaging and Labeling

Systems for adhesive application in cardboard packing, packaging and labelling processes. Gluing solutions for all packaging processes.


Hot-melt adhesive applications in the graphic arts industry;bookbinding, packaging, product cases and envelopes, bags and sacks.

Construction Industry

Systems for adhesive application in the extensive construction market, such as in windows, insulation, doors, laminates, etc.

Automotive Industry

We apply adhesives for vehicle assembly and the manufacture of components, upholstery, interior elements and insulation.

Wood and Furniture

Meler hot-melt systems for adhesive application in the manufacturing wood and furniture manufacturing.

Textiles & Mattresses

Complete solutions for adhesive application to any textile medium, whether for instant sticking or subsequent reactivation by the user.


There is a wide range of gluing applications in product assembly, for example in the footwear, cosmetics and electronics industries.


Systems for adhesive application in disposable products such as nappies, sanitary and hygiene products and a whole range of domestic materials.

Meler Hot Melt Gluing Systems

This video provides an overview of the full system functionality of a Meler hot melt gluing system and highlights the parts of each Meler system, that make up the hot melt gluing system which delivers a wide range of hot melt glues to various products.

If you would like to learn more about how a hot melt gluing system would benefit your business, one of our gluing systems experts will gladly explain the process in detail and discuss your hot melt gluing requirements.

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Focke Meler

Focke Meler Gluing Solutions is a group of companies with more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing systems for applying adhesives and sealants.

The main goal of Focke Meler is to become your best supplier, wherever you are and whatever your need. With a driven focus on continual research & development to ensure their machines are world leaders in technology, features, ease of use and low energy consumption.

Automaint Solutions

Automaint Solutions is the authorised distributor of genuine Meler equipment, parts and service for Australia & New Zealand.

With over 23 years of experience servicing the manufacturing industry the Automaint Solutions team have significant experience within the packaging, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and automotive industries. We offer our customers a full automation consulting and project management service covering everything from control system design to maintenance support and training.

5th August 2020

COVID-19 Statement

At Automaint Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering critical and responsive breakdown and service support to all our customers.

In light of the current situation in Melbourne and the newly introduced Stage 4 lockdown, we want to assure you that as always, the health and safety of our customers and team members is our top priority.

Automaint Solutions supports many of the critical businesses that manufacture essential products for Australia. We will continue to support our industry with service & maintenance that is essential to keep Australian manufacturing operational.

As of Wednesday, 5th August:

  • Automaint Solutions is open and both our Victorian & South Australian offices are strictly adhering to a COVID Safe Workplace plan.
  • Australia Wide breakdown response will continue from our Victorian & South Australian offices for both our 24/7 customers and standard time customers..
  • All servicing will continue based on customer requirements.
  • Quoting of projects, machines and servicing will continue.
  • Projects within the Automaint Workshop will continue. Although affected by suppliers’ changes during this time, we will endeavour to keep projects on track.
  • Spare parts supply will continue.
  • We are not accepting visitors to Melbourne head office or South Australia factory for non-essential meetings. However please call the office, Automaint will allocate the correct person to contact by other means (Phone, Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime) and continue the Automaint way.

We will keep you updated should any changes be implemented. If you are unsure and have questions, please do not hesitate to call us (03) 9330 2678.