Meler PC Star Glue Controller

Easy to Handle and Powerful to Use

The PC STAR model can control firing at speeds of up to 400 m/min with a precision of 1 mm. BOOSTER technology greatly increases the performance of the injector guns.


Allows the user to choose between programming by times or by distances, the latter with the connection of an encoder. The activation signal is achieved by connecting up to two photocells.

  • It has four channels for programming four different lines, with the option to connect two electrovalves to each channel.
  • The dotting function can be selected for each line.
  • 0-10V output signal to control the pressure in piston pump melters or the rotation speed in gear pump melters.
  • Manual drainage function for each channel.
  • Function to compensate for delays in the application system depending on the machine speed.

Meler PC Star BI Glue Controller

Easy to Use Touchscreen Interface

Browse intuitively with its easy to use 7” touchscreen to begin programming quickly and simply.This screen contains a user menu that allows the equipment to be configured in an optimal manner for the various application requirements.

Program Multiple Patterns

It’s advanced programming and large memory enable it to memorise up to 100 products. It has a USB port for updating the software and making backup copies, as well as Modbus and Profibus communications (optional) to select the product to be produced. For spotting or bead applications, with the option of using a combination of both.

Precision and Speed

Able to reach a variable speed of up to 600 metres per minute, with firing speeds of under 1 ms, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and faster application of adhesive.

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    How Does A Meler
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    This video provides an overview of the full system functionality of a Meler gluing system and highlights the parts of each Meler system, from the smallest to the largest, that make up a Meler Hot Melt system to deliver hot melt glues to various product.